Our partners

The following is a selection of companies that we represent in the Middle East. The role we play varies from simple hands-off sponsorship to fully-fledged joint-ventures.

Pipers work with architects, developers, city planners and industry leaders worldwide to present the built environment through interactive communications, architectural modelmaking, events, exhibitions and publishing.


Squint/Opera is transforming the traditional digital production process by combining creative development, production, digital post and audio under one-roof.


Solving Efeso is specialised in strategy and organisational consulting for company competitiveness. With a team of more than 350 consultants representing 30 different nationalities, Solving Efeso works with over 300 major companies, including 30% of the 200 largest European groups.


Sterling is a UK and Dubai-based estates management company that services landlords and leaseholders in the residential and commercial sectors. With asset management of over $5m, Sterling currently manages 65 buildings with approximately 2000 units.